Best 4 CBD Oil For Migraine

Today We Gonna Talk About CBD Oil For Migraine When you hear the word ‘migraine‘, you can imagine how a person must feel, suffering from a severe headache. It is one of those diseases that has been under constant research to find an exactly suitable medicine for. People take medication to suppress migraines. It is so powerful when it starts inside the head, that it not only affects the brain, but the entire human system becomes affected.

Migraine is said to be a neurological condition. It can also cause multiple symptoms. The person suffering from migraines can also be experiencing problems like nausea, vomiting, numbness and tingling, difficulty in speaking and sensitivity towards light and sound. At times, even the slightest light or noise can trigger a migraine, if the person is already having the feeling of it. People suffering from migraines can have intense, debilitating headaches.

CBD Oil For Migraine


1. Common migraine

Migraines with no ‘aura’ is termed as, ‘common migraine’. Mostly people suffer from the common migraine.

2. Classic migraine

It has an aura before the start of the headache. They are more severe than common migraines.

3. Silent or Acephalgic migraine

This migraine is with aura and other symptoms of migraines, but the person does not have pain in their head.

4. Hemiplegic migraine

This migraine feels like a stroke. One may feel weakness on one side of the body, loss of sensation or feeling like someone is piercing skin with pins and needles.

5. Retinal migraine

It is a reversible kind of migraine that causes temporary vision loss in one eye. The effects can last from minutes to months.

6. Chronic migraines

This type of migraine can last for 15 days per month for three consecutive months. It is a headache.

7. Status migrainosus

This migraine attack lasts for 72 hours.

Other types of migraine do exist and they cause intense pain. One must remember that every headache will not be a migraine.  

What can Trigger the Migraine??

What can Trigger the Migraine

The exact cause is still unknown, but it may be a result of abnormal brain activity, which affects ways with which nerves communicate, as well as chemicals and blood vessels in the brain. Genetically, some people are prone to migraines.

The following can trigger Migraine:

1. Hormonal changes

It can be experienced during the menstruation period.

2. Emotional trigger

Stress, anxiety, depression, excitement and shock can trigger migraines.

3. Physical causes

Insufficient sleep and tiredness can cause it. Poor posture, neck or shoulder tension may also cause migraines. Low blood pressure and jet lag too can cause it.

4. Due to diet

Alcohol, caffeine and some specific food also can be the cause. Irregular meals and dehydration may also be a reason.

5. Medication

Some sleeping pills or hormone replacing therapy medicine, combined contraceptive pills too can be potential reasons.

Symptoms of migraine

Symptoms of migraine

1. Dull ache turns into throbbing pain

2. Sensitivity to light, noise and smell

3. Nausea and vomiting

4. Stomach upset and belly pain

5. Loss of appetite

6. Feeling warm or cold

7. Fatigue

8. Dizziness

9. Pale skin

10. Blurred vision

11. Diarrhea

Most migraines last for about four hours but the severe migraines can last up to three days.

What does CBD Oil for migraine do?

What CBD does for migraine

We know that people consume various pills to alleviate migraine pain but it is suppressed basically. Here CBD or cannabidiol are more effective. By taking the normal medicine we are also playing with our bodies as these medicines will be having side effects on our bodies so people are turning towards something that will be more full of benefits and less harmful. Natural substances like cannabinoids that would be used for migraines are not harmful to us.

Our body contains an endocannabinoid system which regulates the immune system, and other things like memory, anxiety and mood disorders. Cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in some way or other and helps in reducing or alleviating migraine pain.

What is CBD ?

We see that CBD can be highly beneficial during migraines, and it is better to know about this compound. It is a popular remedy for many ailments. CBD contains amazing therapeutic properties and this makes it an awesome compound on which various research is happening.  

CBD is also known as cannabidiol. It is one of those 100 compounds found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. The compounds are known as cannabinoids.  

The cannabis plant has two main cannabinoids, namely cannabidiol or CBD and tetrhydrocannabinol or THC. Though both of these components have tremendous properties, both are different. While cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance, this means it will not be giving a high to its users and no mind altering effects, but on the other hand, THC is a psychoactive substance which encourages a high and mind altering effects on mind and body.

How CBD oil for migraine is made?

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, it is then diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Though it is found that CBD, due to it’s various powerful properties, can do wonders. However, main benefits are listed below :

1. Can relieve pain

2. Reduces anxiety and depression

3. Can alleviate cancer related symptoms

4. Reduces acne

5. Reduces inflammation

6. Gives relief in neuro- protective properties

7. Benefits heart health

8. Anti tumor

9. Diabetes prevention

10. Antipsychotic effect

11. Epilepsy

Side effects of CBD Oil for migraine

As the research on CBD is going on, there is much to explore about this compound. Since we are still trying to figure out many things about CBD, even the side effects are under research. Still, people have shown signs of few side effects.  

1. Diarrhea

This is not caused because of CBD itself but since we mix CBD oil with other ingredients so this may become the cause.  

2. Dry Mouth

This happens due to inhibitions of cannabinoid receptors present in our salivary glands. Studies say that if a CBD product is having even a trace of THC, it might result in dry mouth. Basically it’s not CBD but THC that is responsible for dry mouth.

3. Fatigue

This happens only when a high dose of CBD is taken.

The best way to avoid these side effects is to check the credibility of the seller. Always go for high and natural CBD products. They should be third party lab tested.

How to use CBD Oil for migraine?

CBD Oil can be use in many different ways.

1. Vaped

2. Ingested

3. Applied topically

Vaping CBD oil is beneficial in severe migraines. In this case, just stay at home and relax.

The National Cancer Institute has explained that if you inhale, the compounds are quickly delivered to the bloodstream, making positive impacts on the body.

As there are no guideline regarding the perfect dose of CBD for migraine, it is advisable to start with a small dose. It is a safer way. Gradually moving towards a higher dose if the body permits.


Due to marijuana effect, CBD still remains outlawed in some states in United States. However, due to it’s soaring popularity, and being a safe drug mostly, many more states are legalizing it.

In states, where marijuana is legal both in medicine and for recreational activities, at these places CBD oil is accessible. You need to have a license to consume CBD in all forms.  

In some states,  it is still illegal to use cannabis as is being classified as a dangerous and illicit drug. Be aware of the laws in whatever state you are living, it may require a medical license, or else you will be fined a penalty.

Best CBD oil for Migraine

Best CBD oil for Migraine


CBD is helpful with migraines. The properties of cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid and makes it work wonders. Several ways are there to use CBD oils for migraines. You can inhale CBD oil to get an instant relief. It can also be applied sublingually. Just make sure that if you are new to CBD, then you must start with small dose.

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