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CBD is becoming a popular and powerful medicine, but still there are issues which people aren’t completely aware about. CBD is the compound containing many amazing therapeutic properties and it has been confirmed that the medicine is extremely effective on people. Yet, there are certain inhibitions regarding CBD and it’s use. Much research is going on to explore more about CBD, as it is still considered new in this field. Various myths also float around this drug and is supposed to be a close cousin of marijuana, which is an illegal substance.

Why there are so many misconceptions regarding CBD?

There are various misconceptions that exist around CBD and it’s use, whether it is a safe drug to use or whether there is risk involved in buying it.  

Given the fact that CBD comes from cannabis plant, which is mainly seen as a narcotic, is one of the major factors that doesn’t easily allow people to trust in the potential of CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is often mistaken with THC, that is tetrhydrocannabinol, another major component found in cannabis. Since THC is the one that causes intoxicating and mind altering effects on the human system, as it is a psychoactive substance, however, CBD is a non- psychoactive substance which consists of many therapeutic properties that are highly beneficial for mankind. CBD Is safe and it does not make it’s users uncomfortable.

What is CBD?

As we are discussing CBD  it is time to introduce CBD to all of you.

CBD we can say, is a fascinating cannabinoid that can be derived from both the hemp and marijuana plants. It is also called as Cannabidiol, and has amazing therapeutic properties. It is a non-psychoactive substance and causes no high feeling to its customers.


Some of the unique facts that you must know about CBD are:

1. CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana plants.

CBD is found throughout the stalks, leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of hemp as well as in the marijuana plant. Both are sources of CBD but the difference is that in the hemp plant, CBD dominates it’s make-up and THC can be found, but only in trace amounts. Whereas in a marijuana plant, THC dominates its composition and CBD is lower than THC. Hence, a hemp plant is the ideal source of CBD.

 2. CBD is one of the 100 cannabinoids derived from Cannabis

The cannabis plant contains many cannabinoids, yet CBD and THC are the most powerful compounds.  Apart from these two, cannabis also contains Cannabichromene(CBC), Cannabinol(CBN), Cannabigerol(CBG), Tetrahydrocannabivarin(THCV), Cannabidivarin(CBDV), Cannabidiolic acid(CBDA)and Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid( THCA).

3. Cannabis farmers can grow high breed CBD plant

Cannabis farmers can grow cannabis plants containing high levels of CBD. This can be done by crossbreeding. They are referred to as CBD rich strains that are becoming a popular choice among people.  

4. CBD remains CBD, NO matter what the source is

CBD remains the same CBD, in hemp or marijuana, on a molecular level. When it enters the human body, it hardly matters from where it is obtained.  

5. CBD helps in managing cannabinoid deficiency

Yes, you heard it right, in our body when the Endocannabinoid system isn’t able to produce enough cannabinoids to let us carry our body functions properly, CBD helps in managing this deficiency.

6. CBD can be the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle

No matter if you are healthy, CBD still can be of great help as it can help the Endocannabinoid system to run smoothly. CBD are natural sources of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and many other essential nutrients in our body.  

7. CBD is beneficial for pets too

All mammals possess the endocannabinoid system and as we know CBD works wonderfully on it. So it can be of great help to the pets as it helps humans.

8. CBD is legal under certain circumstances

Yes, that’s right that CBD is legal, provided it comes from hemp plant. It is federally legal in United States.  

Is CBD oil legal in Arizona?


As we see so many misconceptions swirling around the legalization of CBD. These are mostly because people are unaware of the laws that have been passed recently to legalize CBD.

Fortunately, the legal framework existing around CBD and industrial hemp is rapidly changing. In the past few years, CBD popularity has grown substantially. People are becoming more aware of this amazing component and it’s various therapeutic properties. It is more widely available in the United States. But the laws regarding CBD are still confusing, as they differ from state to state.  

The answer to the question whether CBD is legal in Arizona, is a big ‘Yes’! It is rapidly spreading in Arizona, since it is a legal drug. CBD is easy to obtain in Arizona. If it is derived from hemp, the person doesn’t even need a prescription to buy it from stores. CBD is easily available in the stores that contain CBD products and dietary supplement.

Hemp legalization in Arizona

Hemp legalization in Arizona

As the interest in hemp keeps growing among people and its beneficial properties started becoming widely popular, it’s legality started becoming an issue. Many people are averse to using cannabis derived products as it is either unclear or confusing when it comes to its use.  

President Barack Obama, in 2014 had signed the Farm Bill, which legalized cultivation of industrial hemp and also the research that is being done on CBD’s composition, to explore more thoroughly the benefits of it. Even though the law has been passed, state and local governments have the authority to put in their respective restrictions.  

In Arizona, a person has to obtain the license which is provided by Arizona Department of Agriculture, to grow, transport, harvest or process the hemp. Products that are derived from hemp are legal, which includes CBD too. It should be coming from a legally harvested hemp that must contain less than 0.3% THC.  

Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Medical use of marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 2010. Hence the products sourced from marijuana too are legal. These CBD products can be purchased from dispensaries that hold state licenses. But when you are buying the product, you must have a medical marijuana card that has been issued by a MMJ registered doctor.

According  to the Arizona Department of Health Services, residents are allowed to obtain a medical marijuana card if they are suffering  from:

1. Cancer

2. Glaucoma

3. Human immunodeficiency Virus(HIV)

4. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

5. Hepatitis C

6. Crohn’s’, Disease

7. Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease

Adult recreational use of the marijuana drug is still illegal. If you aren’t able to obtain a medical license, then the best way is to buy a hemp derived CBD product that still provides numerous health benefits.

Do you need a prescription for CBD in Arizona?

A prescription is not required as industrial hemp was legalized in Arizona back in 2018. However, it is still suggested that before you intend to buy any CBD product, informing a doctor is best. There is no prescription required to buy or possess CBD.

What kind of CBD oils are legal in Arizona?

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance which is derived from the hemp plant containing low levels of THC. Hence CBD doesn’t give mind altering effects on the user. The popular CBD products in Arizona are:

Vaporizer oil



Skin creams

Topical products

Muscle relaxing patches

Licensing Requirements for CBD

Any individual who wants to cultivate, harvest, grow, transport, process or wishes to open a hemp plant nursery; must first apply for the license that is issued by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

The applicant has to complete the form properly, provide a copy of level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card and pay the applicable fee for the license they want to get. The license is renewed annually.

Growers must submit pre-planning reports regarding the venture within seven days of planting. They also have to notify the Department of Agriculture within fourteen days before harvesting so that they can inspect the crop.

Where To Buy CBD in Arizona

As CBD has been legalized in Arizona, it’s not difficult to purchase CBD. You can purchase CBD in storefronts throughout at Arizona. You can even purchase it online as well. Shops like convenience stores, health food stores, organic stores, coffee shops and CBD specific retailers would be selling CBD.  Reputable brands give you the whole of information you need about the product.

Be An Aware Shopper

Although it is legal in Arizona, still the buyer should be smart and conscientious when it comes to choosing the product. Customers should approach CBD products with caution. Reputed companies normally provide you with the following information:

• Amount of active CBD per serving

• Supplement fact panel, including other ingredients

• Net weight

• Manufacturer or distributor’s name

• Suggested use

• Full spectrum or broad spectrum or isolate

• Batch and date code


Yes, CBD is legal in Arizona, given the fact that it must be derived from hemp plants that contain high levels of CBD and little or no THC.

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