Kratom Coffee

Kratom Coffee

Kratom Coffee , Coffee is an extremely popular drink that most people consider it a daily staple.  It has become a favorite drink of millions of people. In some countries like the United States, people drink coffee more than any other drink.  Coffee is loved not only for is rich, creamy taste but also because it gives energizing effect to the body, and give us a boost during sluggish hours of the day.

Kratom is a relative of the coffee tree.  It is also becoming increasingly popular among people. People who already use kratom are aware of its various properties and many people are happy trying it for the first time.  Kratom intake makes the body more energized and it also uplifts the mood. Kratom can act like a stimulant or like a sedative, but all this depends upon the kratom dose. At lower dose, the effects of kratom will be stimulating but at higher dose it is like a sedative.


What is similar between kratom and coffee

The Origin

Kratom and coffee are cousins as they both come from Rubiaceae (coffee) family.  Due to this both kratom and coffee have few similar properties.

The Taste

Both kratom and coffee might be a preferable drink but they both are bitter in taste.  Drinking either of them can be difficult, that’s why many people prefer to mix kratom or coffee with other substances like milk and some sort of sweetener to reduce the bitterness of these drinks.

Can Be Addictive?

Kratom and coffee, both are claimed to be addictive, though the research say that coffee still is more addictive than kratom.  People are mostly habitual of coffee as it easily happens in day to day life, social gathering , a meeting or by self choice. Unknowingly, coffee draws people towards itself.  Likewise, kratom too makes people habitual of it and without being aware of the consequences, people for the sake of pain relief, stress relief or for insomnia, keep the intake of kratom on regular basis. Little do they do that they have actually become addicted to this herb.

Both Contain Stimulating Properties

The primary alkaloid in coffee is caffeine, which is psychoactive in nature.  When we consume, coffee, caffeine enters the body and it blocks the adenosine receptors which help the body to avoid drowsiness and feel more alert and awake instead. The main alkaloids of kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.  Due to these alkaloids, kratom possess the energizing and stimulating properties in it. But it must be noted that when the kratom is taken in small dose it makes the consumer feel energized while the same kratom at higher dose gives sedative effects.


Coffee and kratom are not the exact treatment for depression but since both contain stimulating and energizing effects on body and mind, hence the person feels motivation, which is necessary for having a positive approach towards life and keep all the depressing thoughts at bay.  Coffee relieve stress by blocking the dopamine receptors in the body, while kratom alkaloids receptors bind to the opiate receptors, consequently it helps us feel relaxed and motivated. Green Malay is considered to be best mood elevator.

Energizing Effects by Both Coffee And Kratom Coffee

Everyone is aware of the fact that coffee is a great energizer. It helps the person to feel alert, awake and keeps the mind fresh, while performing our day to day activities.  Similarly, kratom is also famous for containing energy- uplifting elements. It is found that the native of Southeast Asia where the tree is found, used to consume kratom to get energy out of it to work harder and for a long period of time.  The best strain kratom for this purpose are Thai, Maeng Da and White Strains.


Effects Of kratom coffee

As we understand that kratom and coffee are similar in many ways that are beneficial for humans.  Mixing kratom with coffee gives high level of energy. Both are potent substances and mixing them both can have larger effects on human body and mind.  Their combined effects are stronger and long-lasting. Although while mixing always keep in mind that kratom is more effective at low dose providing much benefits to body and mind, while it becomes like a sedative when taken in high dose.  Hence, a low dose is always recommended unless you have insomnia. Kratom coffee would be helpful in treating any kind of chronic pain and also for mood upliftment throughout the day as it has long-lasting impact and also for opiate and alcohol withdrawl symptoms.  By adding kratom to the coffee, the bitter taste of kratom gets cancelled by the delicious coffee flavor. Since the two are highly potent substances, with different level of potency, while mixing them together the dose should always be kept in mind. Stimulatory effects are expected on the consumer taking a kratom coffee.  The combined effect of both gives the consumer a feel of relaxation and peaceful state of mind. There is a synergy between coffee and kratom that stimulates the central nervous system. Both coffee and kratom can trigger functions as they both are psychomotor stimulants. They provide the feeling of excitement and euphoria in people who are consuming the product.



There are many ways to prepare a delicious kratom coffee to enjoy for the day.  We have listed the procedures below

  • Prepare a regular cup of coffee.  Once the coffee is ready, mix kratom in the coffee stirring it nicely till you get a smooth coffee.  Always use higher amount of sugar and milk so that the bitter taste of kratom will be eliminated.
  • Take kratom  powder. But the kratom powder should be fine in texture which means it should be finely grounded.  Brew this kratom powder with coffee and your drink is ready. Add sweetener for taste. 
  • By boiling the kratom leaves with some water for about 15 minutes, make the kratom tea.  Once the tea is prepared, mix it with coffee and the drink is ready. Overheating should be completely avoided as it damages the kratom effect.  


When you are mixing kratom and coffee, it is suggested to go for small dose of both so that there would be no unwanted effects on mind or body.  If dose of coffee is higher than the kratom, the person may feel anxiety. If the dose is taken on higher side for both, it can pass on strong effects which may give uncomfortable feel. 

  To avoid any such cases best way is take avoid high of either of them.  Kratom dose should be between 1 to 2 gms , however it can be increased as per the requirement.  Coffee should be take as 0.5 to 1gm approximately.


  • Pain Relief Properties

Kratom is well known for relieving pain.  It alleviates chronic pain such as pain related to fibromyalgia or chronic back pain.  Mitragynine and 7-hydoxymitragynine content should be high in the strains for an effective pain relief.  These alkaloids get attached to the delta and mu receptors of the brain, thus decreasing any type of pain.

Coffee too contains pain relieving properties to a certain extent but it is same as kratom effect.  It acts differently than kratom. As caffeine is a vascocontrictor, that is why it helps in alleviating headaches, inflammation or muscle overload.

  • Impact on Memory

According to recent studies, it is proved that caffeine can improve short- term memory and cognition.  Since it can also helps in preventing cognition deterioration and cellular oxidation, hence it is said to be helpful in preventing Alzheimer disease.

On the other hand, it is same about kratom if it too can enhance or impair cognition.  Although it is said that kratom helps in improving the focus but only when it is taken in small doses.  If taken on high dose, it works as sedative and doesn’t show any good impact on memory.

  • Sleep is Affected

It is right that with small dose, kratom works as stimulant and energizes the body but it is a sedative at high dose, giving mind relaxation.  People suffering from insomnia, take high dose of kratom. It gives relaxed and sound sleep having a calming effect on the mind. Bali, Borneo, Red Vein Strain varieties are best as sedatives.

On the contrary, to keep sleep at bay, people drink coffee.  Coffee contains caffeine which is very stimulating alkaloid, and keeps the mind alert and awake for many hours.

Both kratom and coffee are substances with high potency but while preparing a kratom coffee, the doses should be properly measured so as to avoid side effects if any.  

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