Wild Lettuce : Identification and Processing of Wild Lettuce for Natural Pain Relief

Many people seek and ask sincere questions about how to end pain naturally, especially as most pain killing drugs can cause serious and sometimes life threatening side effects. Thanks to nature, those drugs could be avoided for much better solutions with little or no side effects. The solution here is usage of certain medicinal plants and their parts as pain killing substances. One of these plants of high medicinal importance at this level is the Wild Lettuce.

Chances are that you are hearing this for the first time and you are probably curios about what exactly Wild Lettuce is and why you should care about it. Most likely, after you understand what wild lettuce is, more questions will come to mind about its legality, dosage and processing. All these questions will be answered briefly.

What is Wild Lettuce and why is it popular?

Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce seed is one of a kind medicinal plant whose leaves, sap and seed are important in medicine science and pharmacology. According to history, this plant has been in use since the ancient Greece and it is renowned for its pain-relieving effects especially from its milky sap. The plant successfully made it through Greece to America, and it was widely used during the civil war when liquid opium went into unexpected scarcity. This was the time the polish exactly detected that wild lettuce has opioid-like effects, meanwhile it lacks the addictive properties of true opioids. Its action was weaker than those of opium but it is free of medicinal side effects which makes it useful for medical practices, and in some cases producing better curative effects than opium. This grows its popularity tremendously across the world. Luckily for all, it is passed 100 percent legal for use in America.

Identifying Wild Lettuce

You should ordinarily not have a problem with Wild Lettuce identification as it is perhaps a direct cousin of the common lettuce. The plant is biennial in nature, meaning that it takes it up to two years to complete its life cycle. Lettuce farmers have identified that it can grow as much as 80-inches tall although not all the plant will reach the size even at maturity. The fact to note here is that the plant can go really big.

Wild Lettuce can be stout but it usually have flushed purple leaves and stems, It leaves are generally broad, oval shaped and possess jagged edges. Its flowers are usually round and yellow like in the case of dandelion, and of course its defining trait is its sap which is both sticky and milky. Therein lies the medicinal property of the plant.

Most popular applications of Wild Lettuce

As earlier mentioned, Wild Lettuce is known for its painkilling properties and abilities. Because of this it has been linked and successfully used in pains relating to arthritis, menstruation, headaches and migraine, bone pains and in fact hangovers. More facts have however ensued on this plant’s ability to influence mild diuresis, meaning that it can increase a person’s urinary flow, and it has been discovered to contain natural sedative properties that could relax your body into dreamless slumber. Further it has been found as useful in clearing the respiratory tracts of coughs and asthma worries by easing discomforts and loosening phlegm. Its psychological use is also important as it helps to reduce depression and anxiety through sedative calm, and its usefulness in recreation cannot be sidelined for those that want something to mix up their human experience. However, user must be sure that they are either not pregnant or allergic to the plant.

How to use Wild Lettuce

Having learned various ways in which Wild Lettuce can be used, it is safe to stress that its administration is not rocket science. This also means that there are many ways to use the plant. There are discussed thus;

Wild Lettuce As tea

This has been regarded as the most family friendly way to use this plant. A lot of people testified to liking its tea because it has nice tastes and it eases the user into effects just gently. Professionals has said that you can either make the tea in concentration or combined with other herbs like green tea leaves or chamomile to give it better flavor.

Smoking Wild Lettuce

Virtually all medicinal leaves are getting administered this way because a lot of people seem to love it. Professionals has said that smoking this plant is one of the fastest ways to get relief from it. However this administration method is not friendly with your lungs especially if what you’re treating is cough or asthma. You could use the tea or tincture administration methods instead.

Wild Lettuce Tincture

This refer to the process of applying extracts of this plant directly to the skin or through the gums and tongues. Tinctures are said to be handy because they easily fit inside of packs, pouches and pockets, making them easily accessible for use.

Processing Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce saps need to be extracted mostly before use. This therefore follow a process as thus;

  • Place lettuce leaves inside blending machine and give them light blend
  • After this is done, place the resultant mixture in a pot of water and boil
  • Take this off the stove after you see that water has turned to dark green or brown
  • Strain the leaves from water by pouring the mixture through mesh strainer.
  • Squeeze leftover wild lettuce extract to get all water that is still in them
  • Put resulting solution back on stove and allow to simmer. Boil water until paste is achieved
  • Pour and store in safe medical cabinet, bags or elsewhere for later use.

Administration dosage

The truth is that since this is not a standard medicine, the standard for its dosage is not in stone. Rather it is advised that the dosage depends on your weight, age and tolerance level. The effectiveness of the plant is felt differently by everyone. This is however not an excuse for too much use. Too much use can slow your breathing capacity among others.

Growing Wild Lettuce

Now that you have learnt so much about Wild Lettuce, you are probably asking yourself how to get the seeds and grow them already. That is very simple. You can buy Wild Lettuce Seed from us. There are other online and media outlets out there you can purchase from too. However, before you get the seed, be sure of their quality and be prepared to plant it as briefly explained thus.

Once you have planted the Wild Lettuce Seed, you have a responsibility to maintain the soil’s moisture evenly until it germinates. This often takes between 10 and 20 days. Once you have the seed germinate to seedling, transfer into separate pots and space them out in the flower bed by roughly 6 inches. After this, make sure that they have enough access to water and sunlight. In enough time, you will have your fully grown stalks ready for harvest.

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