Smoking Kratom : The Facts You Must Know

Let us begin from the understanding of what Kratom is. Kratom is a tropical herb which grows naturally, and it is native to Southeastern Asia, known to contain substances which have psychotropic effect. This means that the plant contains compounds which if consumed by whatever means has the ability to alter the mind. The plant is not presently an illegal substance despite this trait and by so doing, it is sold on many online marketplaces and websites’ vendors.

This plant has been sold in various forms for a variety of ailments. It is however popular in its own light because it has become a really popular alternative to the more dangerous and addictive substances known in lots of countries in the world. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be a bit overwhelming for new users anyway. Just like other therapeutic substances, it is not as simple as smoking ordinary cigarette. There is more to its use and it’s a little different.

Forms in which Kratom could be used

It is worthy of note that Kratom leaves were originally chewed rather than being refined into forms as we have it today. Users have sad that there are noticeable effects if enough of the plant’s leaves are chewed. That being said, they are also usually made into teas as leaves. So, this take a few preparation process which begins with finding enough quantity raw Kratom leaves, rinsing or washing them to clean, adding complementary water quantity and putting the mixture on stove to boil in order to extract its constituents. Because it is not easy to get raw Kratom leaves these days, most sellers prefer to make them into powders and extract capsules for sale.

Capsules have been considered the most efficient way to take the substance for a lot of reasons. Some of these are because it comes in specific doses in those forms and are much easier to carry and ingest. It is yet popular in powdery forms too although it tastes really bitter if not mixed with anything. It is usually added with caffeinated drinks like coffee to make usage and consumption easy. People seem to love capsules because it is in a much easier oral administration form, and this can come in an array of shapes and sizes with little or no differences in their dosage.

Kratom Smoking

Smoking is one of the ways you can take Kratom although it is not a really agreed upon way to use it. Although an easy to burn leaf, only few people have been documented to discuss whether smoking or not smoking it works. In fact it seems no western users have even tried it. Asians have been recorded as Kratom smokers since the raw leaves are available in a very large quantity in their area. However, it has been generally suggested that Kratom smoking is less powerful since most of the ingredients get burnt off before doing anything.

For this reason, the dosage of Kratom meant to be smoked are usually greater than in other ways they are administered. Professionals have revealed quantitatively that to get an equivalent of the average oral dose of Kratom, smokers needs as much as between 20 and 25 grams of the leaves to get results, with variability being subjects of your health and body shape. It is believed that a lot of powers get lost due to the indirect ways the plant is used.

It has been discovered that Kratom powders can be smoked instead of the raw leaves too. However, the end results are no different because any significant difference have not been observed between the two ways. They will generally produce the same effect.

Is there a reason you should not be smoking Kratom?

This is one huge debates among Kratom users. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wade in. First let us state it clearly that smoking of Kratom needs more leaves than any other usage forms. It doesn’t matter if you are smoking the raw leaves or powder, a lot of leaves go into it and you will likely get the same results. This also make you susceptible to mixture of substances you should not be smoking.

Since you need more leaves than other users, there could be storage problems. Living in an environment that is not friendly with or receptive of the use of recreational drugs could be a barrier too. You might just need to create a storage or some tactics to keep it out of sight as much as possible.

Further, a 2017 study has revealed that Kratom smoking has a tendency of creating more health risk than any other methods since the leave possess high tar content which only affects users if inhaled. This could lead to respiratory problems but are still not as dangerous as other recreational drugs that are being smoked.

Conclusively, the truth is that if you are a recreational drug smoker, you should not have a problem with smoking Kratom once you have enough leaves. That will make the usage some kind of fun to you since you are used to that method.

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