CBD And It’s Taste

So How Does CBD Taste Like?

With the growing popularity of CBD products it is obviously making the rounds everywhere. Everyone who has already used CBD products know that how useful and amazing they are. But all those people who have been newly introduced to the CBD world have many questions about these products. The questions most asked us if CBD is legal? Where can I buy it and so on. The questions may be many but among all these questions we forget to think, how CBD or specifically what CBD oil tastes? Have you considered it? Well, the following essay will give you some idea of what CBD is about.

What you mean by CBD ?

We move on further to help you in understanding what CBD is. CBD is known as Cannabidiol, this is one of the most naturally occurring substances in the Cannabis plant. This plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids and CBD is one of the most important compounds occurring in the plant. Another important compound found in the cannabis plant is THC, or delta-9-tertahydrobinol. Both of these compounds, CBD and THC come from same plant, but there are some basic characteristics for their similarities. They both react in opposite ways on the human body as both are opposite to each other, as far as it’s leaving their effect on the user. While CBD is a non-psychoactive substance means it is safe for users, providing them with health benefits. Also, THC is a completely psychoactive substance that causes altering effects on the body and mind of the user. Hence it is not preferred medical purposes.

What are the products of CBD oil?

CBD oil can be consumed in many ways and it is the choice of the customer how they wish to take it. As people are becoming more aware of the benefits that come with CBD. We have listed below different forms of CBD oil products:

• CBD oil in syringes

• CBD capsules

• CBD tinctures

• CBD edibles

• CBD vape

• CBD topical

• CBD concentrates

What is CBD oil?

As we are discussing  CBD oil, we must know more about this plant it comes from. A pure unfiltered CBD oil, is extracted from the stalks, seeds and flowers of the hemp plant. The taste of CBD oil is commonly described as nutty, earthy or grassy. The flavor and scent of hemp oil comes from the organic compounds that dominate the ingredient part of the plant, including terpenes, chlorophyll, cannabinoids and other nutritious materials. According to some users, they have immediately liked the taste of CBD oil and yet for other users, it takes time to use get used to the not so pleasant taste.

How CBD oil tastes like?

Well this is a question that comes to the mind of every person who is willing to try or use CBD oil but have certain inhibitions, and of course the taste does matter. After all, our taste buds are smarter than us. Here we will try to help you tackle the question regarding the taste of CBD oil. CBD mainly comes in three forms

• Full spectrum CBD

• Broad spectrum CBD

• Isolate CBD

The question regarding CBD taste depends upon two main types of CBD, and it is as follows:

1. Full spectrum CBD oil

              Full spectrum CBD oil mainly consists of a whole plant extract of cannabis and a carrier oil. It’s        taste is described as earthy or grassy and it tastes like a very concentrated form of a green plant, like wheatgrass. It should be noted that CBD oil is made from the combination of cannabis extract, which is the concentrated form of the plant. This is broken down through an extraction process and a carrier oil, which dilutes this concentrated extract so that it can be used in tincture form. Now, you must be wondering what gives flavor to the full spectrum CBD oil. We  get this woody, grassy flavor by a few  of the substances as follows;

• Terpenes

This is a component which is found in many fruits and plants, that gives them the earthy aroma. It also provides health benefits. An Aroma is basically the pleasant smell that we get from flowers and fruits. Hence, terpenes play a major role when it comes to the taste of CBD oil.  Some common terpenes are listed as follows:

➢ Limonene- Anti oxidant- which is found in citrus fruits

➢ Pinene- Boosts focus and energy, found in pine, rosemary, sage

➢ Myrcene- Relaxant, found in hops, lemongrass and mango

➢ Linalool- Anti-bacterial and mood uplifter, found in lavender, citrus, rosewood,

➢ Caryophyllene- Anti-inflammatory, found in pepper and cloves

• Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green part of the plant which encourages  photosynthesis and provides energy to the plant. It is bitter in taste, which all the green vegetables, if you must have noticed, are bitter in taste. The same applies for CBD oil too, the darker the oil, the more bitter it would be in taste. All this applies to full spectrum oil only.

2. CBD Isolate oil

This oil tastes mild by having a neutral flavor, carrying the flavor in its carrier oil. So, we must say, that if you’re  using CBD isolate, then there are chances that you won’t get any taste because CBD isolate is tasteless and lacks flavor entirely. In this case, CBD isolate will be carrying the flavor of the carrier oils. Usually coconut, olive or hempseed oil is used.

How can we mask the Taste of the CBD oil?

CBD oil is increasingly used by people these days, it is mostly used as daily supplements among those people giving them health benefits, without any psychoactive effects. However, people look at it as a task when it comes to CBD oil intake as it is not pleasant in taste. But we have found out many ways to overcome this issue. Here are our most convenient ways to consume CBD oil with masked effects:

1. Keep your snacks handy

As you would mentally prepare, thinking you are not going to like the taste of the CBD oil, you should keep any snack of your choice handy. After a minute of CBD oil absorption, you can quickly eat the food to replace the strange taste of the CBD oil. Mostly people use chocolate to get rid of the the taste of the CBD oil.

2. Use mints

Like the above mentioned method, one can also use mint, in any form, be it a piece of chewing gum or a toffee or anything having minty flavor. Your mouth feels fresh and dispels that unpleasant taste. You can tuck the mint under your tongue while CBD oil intake.

3. Brush your teeth right before the use

Well yes, you heard that right. You need to brush your teeth right before the use so that the mint flavor or any flavor or your toothpaste remains on the taste buds and you may not feel the taste of the CBD oil. 

4. Keep a drink ready

As soon as you have had your CBD oil intake, you may drink your favorite drink then and there.  Although it may take few sips until you overcome that earthy taste of CBD oil.

5. Try CBD isolate

As we know, full spectrum CBD oil is earthy and grassy in taste and smell, but yet CBD isolate on the other hand is not. This clearly means that isolate doesn’t have such an earthy flavor that the entire plant product would possess.

6. Mix in the oil with edibles

Yes, you can mix your oil with any edible item of your choice. This would be less effective as compared to the sublingual method. This is because the CBD oil takes more time to enter the bloodstream from the stomach. This absorption method can also take time to absorb and start working, so mind your patience and do not over use.

7. Swallow the oil with yogurt

You can also try yogurt to get rid of the earthy taste of the oil. We suggest that you should try any flavored yogurt and enjoy the CBD oil benefits.

8. Purchase V caps

They are basically the best way to administer CBD oil. These are empty capsules in which you can fill CBD oil drops and ingest it. By this CBD oil intake is smooth with no taste spoiler. Although, this too takes a long time to begin showing its effect as this is not absorbed directly to the bloodstream.


CBD is gaining popularity among people and no matter what few factors including the taste of the CBD oil, would keep it at bay. But we have discussed that you do have plenty of options to choose from in order to get rid of the earthy taste of CBD oil. Hence, you must try the CBD oil for its amazing results.

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