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When we hear, CBD and alcohol together, we may think that it wouldn’t have much of an effect on us. But that is not the case. Many alcohol manufacturers are now looking toward CBD and they are producing CBD infused shots, beers, and other alcoholic beverages. CBD itself is a wonderful drug that contains many therapeutic properties. People who have been using CBD swear by it and they know how beneficial the substance is. CBD or cannabidiol has become widely popular among it’s users and its advantages had been spreading through word of mouth. However when it comes to mixing alcohol and CBD together, people may be reticent regarding safety. In the following paragraphs we would be covering all these things.

What is CBD?

The most important thing is to understand what CBD is all about, as sometimes people misunderstand the concept about CBD. It’s likely they feel that CBD is not a good substance for them.

CBD, is also known as cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring substance in the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive substance as there are no harmful effects of it. Cannabis’s more active ingredients is THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a compound which is a psychoactive substance and because of this, people consuming THC concentrated products may feel high. But since CBD is connected to marijuana,  people have many misconceptions about it. However, awareness is spreading among people, CBD is gaining popularity. It is now available in different forms including sprays, capsules, food products  tinctures and shots. CBD offers various benefits which includes pain management, reducing anxiety and improving skin health.

How  CBD works in the body?

Our bodies posses a network called the endocannabinoid system. It is mostly responsible for major functions in our body. Our body produces it’s own cannabinoids due to certain factors like stress and anxiety etc. The body need cannabinoids as a supplement to allow the body to function smoothly. The CBD enters the body through various means and binds with CB2 receptors and interact within the body affecting the endocannabinoid system which allows it to work perfectly.

Alcohol and CBD : may amplify each other’s effects

Alcohol reduces inhibitions and promotes feelings of relaxation. It gives pleasure and a high. When it comes to CBD, it has similar effects on our body that gives a relaxing feel and calms the nerves. Studies show that all those people who take 25-75mg of daily have reduced anxiety and improved sleep. If you take CBD and alcohol together, it could amplify possible effects like sleepiness and sedation. According to studies, if you mix CBD and alcohol, they can intensify each other’s effect. This can result in a change in mood or behavior. It is also observed that  combination CBD and alcohol can cause impairment of motor performance and alteration in the perception of time, but it wasn’t the same when only CBD was consumed. Although not much is known regarding this combination.

How can CBD protect against the side effects of alcohol?

Research has shown that CBD may possibly assist in reducing the side effects of alcohol.

• It may prevent cell damage and disease

Consuming alcohol in excess may damage our cells and increase the risk of inflammation and chronic diseases such as pancreatitis, liver disease and certain types of cancer. Studies show that CBD may protect the body from cell damage that is usually caused due to alcohol consumption.  

• It may reduce blood alcohol levels

We have ‘Blood Alcohol Concentration’, BAC in our body which is a measure of the amount of alcohol in our body.  If it is high in level it will mean a loss of motor skills and cognitive skills. CBD can counter it’s effect but the dose of CBD has to be taken in high doses. Although much more research is needed.

• It may be therapeutic for alcohol addiction

Researchers say that CBD can help in treating alcohol addiction. It is very useful in decreasing blood alcohol levels and may be helpful in treating disorders caused from excessive alcohol consumption.

Should you take CBD and alcohol together?

Not much has been studied regarding CBD and alcohol, but researchers are still working it. However, studies say that CBD counters the effects of alcohol. We know that CBD behaves differently from person to person. Hence, it is difficult to understand how CBD mixed with alcohol could react in people. In most of the research we found that the level of alcohol is very high as compared to CBD.  

There is so much that is unknown about the consumption of CBD and alcohol together, so it is advisable to start both of them in small doses so as to avoid any risk or any adverse side effects.

What happens when you mix CBD with alcohol?

It must be noted that both CBD and alcohol are depressants and can be relaxing, numbing and can have sedative effects if they both are taken together. Both are intensified when you mix this combo. Although CBD isn’t mind altering, though when mixed with alcohol, its sedative effect amplifies the combination.  Ingesting cbd and alcohol together may likely result in greater loss of inhibitions, a great loss of control and greater loss of motor coordination.  

It is observed that you should expect alcoholic effects to be intense, if consumed within 4 hours,the fact that CBD mimics the depressant effects of alcohol.

More research is needed regarding how it reduces the amount of alcohol in the blood. One theory says that it reduces liver inflammation which helps your body metabolize the alcohol faster.

Can CBD be the cure for alcoholism?

According to some studies, yes, it is true that CBD can help people recover from addictive behaviors, including alcoholism. People who are addicted to alcohol find it difficult to quit but when they try to leave it is not possible for them to do so. CBD is relaxing to its helps with the effects of alcohol and also help people to overcome alcohol addiction.

Is it safe to consume CBD and alcohol at the same time?

According to studies, taking both together appears to present limited compounded risks. When the people who have taken alcohol with CBD are examined, it was found that they had low levels of blood alcohol. It’s safe to consume both together as long as the dosages are kept at low levels, it’s no harm. You can enjoy the drink and get benefitted.

CBD And Alcohol

Mixing CBD and alcohol has the potential to augment characteristic effects. In North America, CBD is always mixed with beer and enjoyed. However more and more research is required on this topic to get an exact picture of it. Since we aren’t sure exactly what this combination does, but whenever you are planning to mix these two substances together, maintain low levels of both. Researchers say that CBD could possibly prevent acute alcohol induced liver damage, potentially due to its ability to prevent increases in oxidative stress and decreases in autophagy, typically caused by alcohol.


CBD is all the rage among people all over America, as it is loaded with amazing therapeutic properties. It is becoming an all round favorite of the people. CBD can help alleviating various symptoms like depression, anxiety, mood swings, lack of appetite etc. to name the few. Since it is a non-psychoactive substance it won’t having a mind altering effects on human body and brain. Instead it is beneficial in various chronic conditions and pains. If we mix CBD and alcohol together, not in higher concentration but in low levels they may produce amazing effects on the body. But if they are taken in high doses this results in a sedative feel by it’s user. But more research is required to understand this concept of cbd and alcohol, which can make it clear if consumed together though may be inviting trouble by consuming both together. Both alcohol and CBD will generally relax you and lower their inhibitions. Mixing two substances will encourage the effects will last for a long time. And as studies say drinking alcohol infused with CBD is beneficial and also is a neuroprotectant.

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