CBD Legal Status : Is CBD Legal Worldwide?

Is CBD Legal, CBD is growing in popularity all across the country. It is replacing the regular pharmaceutical medications as these medicines tend to have side effects. CBD on the other hand, is very beneficial not only for humans but for pets as well. It gives the feeling of relaxation from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and various other diseases. CBD has minimal or no side effects.

Is CBD Legal World Wide

CBD comes from the cannabis plant and when it comes to cannabis, the first thing that comes to mind is that this substance is used only in recreational activities. In most countries, the legal status of recreational cannabis is black and white. Some laws regarding CBD consumption are contradictory and conflicting. Having said that, it must be noted that some products made out of CBD are legal and others are still prohibited. This may encourage difficulty in understanding and question whether using CBD products are safe and legal, or is it still illegal. When buying any CBD product, you need to be aware about all the legal formalities surrounding it.

We are curious to know about CBD

When so much is being discussed about CBD, obviously the mind becomes curious to know about the component, named CBD. CBD, which is referred to as, cannabidiol which is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant consists of hundreds of naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids, where CBD is one of them. Cannabis contains another renowned cannabinoid known as Delta-9hydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the component known for its recreational narcotic effects that causes users to experience a ‘high’. Different cannabinoids have individual medicinal properties. Traditionally, cannabinoids have been consumed by smoking the buds of the cannabis plant. But as the science advances, cannabinoids begin to be used in oils, lotions, balms, bath, lollipops and more. Cannabinoids have therapeutic properties and they are non-psychoactive which means they are safe to use.

What is the difference between Cannabis and CBD?

Difference between cannabis and cbd

Cannabis is a term used widely for all those plants that would come under ‘Cannabis Sativa’ plant species. We differentiate cannabis plants by two categories: Hemp and Marijuana. Marijuana and hemp, both contain CBD and of course, and THC as well. Marijuana contains more than 0.3% THC, which makes it more of a recreational substance. Hemp contains 0.3% or less THC, and the CBD products are made out of the CBD derived from hemp plant. However, in some states, CBD is legal but conditions are that CBD which is derived from the hemp plant only, is legal.

Is CBD legal worldwide?

It must be noted that cannabis is still illegal in most countries, but not all.  CBD is the extract of the cannabis plant, and it’s legality is always under a lens. There have been prohibitive laws regarding how it can be purchased and produced. It also can only be grown according to certain rules. Added to this, each country has its own laws regarding cannabis that continue to evolve and change.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

Is CBD legal in Europe

There are regulations by the European Union that govern the sale of CBD in most European countries. These countries are allowed to make their own interpretations of these regulations. They are also free to decide the level of punishment. In Europe, the tolerance for cannabis related crimes vary greatly from country to country .

Is CBD legal in South America?

Is CBD legal in South America

The market for CBD is growing at a rapid pace in South American countries as people are becoming more aware of CBD and its benefits. People are now looking toward CBD in South America. 

Places like Columbia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay are free to buy and sell CBD products. Some other states too can do this, but with a medical prescription.

Is CBD legal in Africa?

Is CBD legal in Africa

In the majority of states in Africa, you may not be able to get the CBD products you desire. Only Lesotho and Zimbabwe have legalized cannabis for medical purposes although access is still limited. If you keep South Africa aside, all nations across the African continent regard cannabis as a recreational substance, and hence it is illegal. African nations who haven’t legalized CBD, can levy heavy penalties for the possession of even minor amounts of cannabis. The CBD market hasn’t developed much in Africa yet, and only South Africa is permitted to have CBD.

Is CBD legal in Middle East?

Is CBD legal in Middle East

It’s more than a little complicated in Middle East countries. Israel is one of those countries that are doing thorough research on CBD, and where medical marijuana is legal. On the other hand, there are countries like Saudi Arabia who execute people if they possess CBD products.

Under no circumstances should you travel to the Middle East with cbd products with you, regardless of the concentration of THC. 

In countries like Egypt, Israel and Turkey, CBD is available with 0% THC.

CBD status in United States?

CBD status in United States

According to federal law in America, states that grow CBD grown from hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC are legal for cultivation, transportation and sale in US. However, each US state has their own ideas regarding the laws. There are three types of states that can be categorized:

FDA Regulation Of CBD Legal Status

1. Green States

In these states cannabis is completely legalized as are all CBD products and can be sold more easily. These states allow the use of medical and recreational cannabis.

2. Amber States

These states allow the use of medical cannabis and CBD oil, but only with a prescription and related products are allowed, though only under certain restrictions.

3. Amber red States.

Here CBD is allowed but under certain conditions. In these states cannabis is illegal, though CBD oil is allowed under certain circumstances.

4. Red States

All the Cannabis products are illegal.

Is CBD legal in Australia ?

Is CBD legal in Australia

Cannabis was legalized in Australia in 2016 but to use, you need the approval from the Department of Health for a prescription. It is legal in Australia as it is classified as medicinal cannabis. However, you need to have proper approval and it can be sold by only a few selected vendors.

Is CBD  legal in New Zealand?

Is CBD legal in New Zealand

• Yes, CBD is legal New Zealand, as long as access is granted and it is lawfully purchased. Medicinal Cannabis products such as Sativex are allowed regardless of the THC content. Other CBD items should contain less than 2% THC or other intoxicating cannabinoids and possession up to 3 months is allowed.

Is CBD legal in Canada?

Is CBD legal in Canada

Canada legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes in 2001 and recreational cannabis was legalized in 2018. Each province in Canada was given the power to set their own rules regarding CBD purchases like age requirements and how much they can possess. According to the ‘Canadian Cannabis Act’, it specifies that fresh, dried, oil or seed are legalized, but not the extracts and edibles. CBD oil is technically classified as an extract.

Is CBD legal in Mexico?

Is CBD legal in Mexico

In Mexico, medical marijuana has been legalized for products that contain less than 1% THC, though access was granted only in few shops. CBD isn’t classified as medical marijuana and it can be purchased from most shops around you.


CBD’s popularity is reaching many countries. But every country makes their own rules and regulations regarding cannabis and cbd products. Owing to the fact that CBD comes from the cannabis plant, some people refrain from using these products due to a fear of feeling intoxicated or high. As awareness grows, things are becoming clearer at a fast pace. Many states and countries have been making amendments to their rules. Although there are few countries who still consider it taboo, they do not have permission for the use of cannabis or CBD products. They have some hard and fast rules specifically in the gulf countries and you must be very careful. While if you are carrying cannabis or cbd products,  it should only be carried to the countries where CBD has been legalized. 

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