Best Temperature To Vape E Juice

Best Temperature To Vape E Juice

Best Temperature To Vape E Juice

Best Temperature To Vape E Juice

When it comes to vaping, the ones who are familiar with it, know all about it. However, all of those who have just heard of this word would be curious to know what it’s all about. Why people are so fond of vaping, what people experience after vaping; all these thoughts that come to mind naturally.  



The inhaling of vapor, which is created by an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, or by any other vaping device, is called Vaping. E-cigarettes are smoking devices that are powered by a battery. These e-cigarettes do not produce smoke like tobacco. They produce aerosol which consists of fine particles.

With the rise of e-cigarettes, vaping is becoming popular among people as it doesn’t create smoke and it is more convenient than the conventional method. A vaping device includes vape pens, e-cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers. These are also know as Mods. E-cigarettes resemble the shape and look of a smoked cigarette and a vape pen resembles a large fountain pen. These two are much simpler designs and they are less expensive than modified versions.

What does a vaping device consist of?

It consists of a mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge which contains e-liquid or e-juice and a heating component for the device. The heating component is powered by the battery. As soon as you start to use the device, the battery heats up the heating component. Consequently, the e-liquid present in the device turns e-liquid into aerosol. This aerosol is inhaled by the user and then exhaled.

What is temperature control in Vaping?

As we now know, vape devices come in different sizes and shapes. Some devices are even modified. They are known as Box mods. When we refer to temperature control in vaping, it means that resistance of the device should not exceed a particular level of temperature that has already been set.  

We achieve the temperature control when we preset the temperature of the device and when that temperature is reached, it will show the resistance and will not increase beyond the preset temperature. This happens because the access to the energy source is restricted. Consequently the temperature remains constant throughout the vaping process.  

When we enact a temperature to control vaping, it reduces the risk among vapors. This is most likely due to temperature control,  issuing a dry blow or by preventing them from getting extra hot. Temperature controlling makes it easier and safer to enjoy the e-cigarette inhalation and it guarantees the consumer has a good time too.

In many cases, the vape mod automatically sets the wattage, although in some mods you need to adjust the temperature manually. In order to make ensure it is correctly reading the resistance, examine the screen  to determine what the temperature has been set to. In order to avoid any fluctuations, one should lock in the settings.

Best temperature to vape e-juice

It is the range of 390F to 490F, which is supposed to be the best temperature for vaping e-juice.  However the best temperature to vape is considered to be 420 degrees F. The vape mods that have temperature controlling feature in them has the capability of 200 F to 600 degrees. It must be noted that at higher temperatures the vapor can be extremely hot and at the low temperature, the vapor and flavor can be a bit thin. But the best range is 390 F to 490 F.

If you are using the vape mod which has temperature control values in Celsius, then the best temperature for vaping is 198 degrees Celsius with ranges up to 255 degrees C. Although the ideal temperature is anywhere between 205 degrees C to 215 C.

To understand further, we have categorized the temperature by the following categories:

390 degrees F to 420 degrees F

In this range we find excellent vapor production. Even the taste is ideal. At 420 F, we find that the vapor and flavor both are ideal. Yet, everyone has their own opinion on what to set their ideal temperature at.

425 degrees F to 450 degrees F

In this, the vapor production as well as the flavor are kicked up a little. Temperature, is however, warmer here. For all those people who like to have a warmer vapor sensation this one can be the ideal choice. Although the vapor output is increased, it still may not be producing the greatest flavor.

450 F to 490 F

At this range, along with an increase of vapor, you get decent flavor too. The bonus here, is that the vapor is noticeably warmer. Although for some people, this range is too hot. It all depends on the smoker’s choice.  

Overall, these categories are great, it only depends which one you wish to go for!

How temperature affects the vaping experience?

This may sound complicated, but the way in which temperature affects the vaping experience is simple. For vaping, we need to turn e-juice into vapor. For this, heat must be applied to it, consequently it evaporates and goes from a liquid to a thick cloud. This is similar to how we create steam out of boiling water.

The part of the vaping setup that is heating the e-liquid is the coil which is composed of a wire and a wick. The function of the wire is to absorb the heat. This heat is received by the wire from the battery.  The rest of the e-liquid continues to soak in the wick. Now, once the coil heats up, the e-liquid that is soaking into the wick gets hot enough to form vapors. These vapors are then inhaled by the consumer.

In most of the vapor control, the heating process is done by adjusting their wattage. The standard vaping devices utilize wattage, which means that you can adjust the output level by setting your wattage level. To get more power from the battery to the coil, the wattage should be higher. This indicates that if the wattage is higher you will get more vapor from the e-liquid, as you can easily inhale more liquid. Hence vapor’s prefer a wattage based vaping device, due to its ease of use.

The difference between temperature control vaping and regular vaping

How temperature affects the vaping experience

Temperature control vaping is gaining popularity because of the experience it provides to customers as compared to regular vaping.

In a regulated mod vaping, the vape device you have can be set to how much wattage the battery will deliver to your atomizer. Once it is set, the device will keep delivering the same amount of power all throughout, until the wattage is changed. This set up uses kanthal wires, as they are less resistant to change in wattage. This makes them an ideal component. No matter how often or fast you press the button, the kanthal coils continue to deliver the same current, which means it is consistent in providing a positive vaping experience.

On the other hand, temperature control vaping allows you to set a maximum temperature your device should reach. Once that occurs, either the device will reduce the power or will be shut down. The device will manage its own constant temperature no matter how often or how fast you are vaping. As we know, while vaping, the temperature climbs up 5- 10 degrees F. Once we reach the maximum temperature, the device automatically cools down by reducing the amount of power set to the atomizer.

This is safer as the wick is not burnt, the life of the coils is lengthened and protected and the battery life is reserved also.

Pros of temperature control vaping

No More Dry Heats

This happens when the device runs out of e-juice. It leaves a nasty, burnt taste and the sensation is uncomfortable which can cause coughing and irritation to the tongue and throat.  With temperature control,  all these things can easily be watched. The device sends out the signal that you are running out of the e-juice or need to saturate the wick again. According to many vapor’s the ideal temperature would be 400F or below to avoid any such conditions.

Cooler vaping experience

Temperature control vaping devices are programmed to cool down as soon as it reaches the maximum temperature. Temperature control ensures it’s safety as it indicates that if you are pushing the resistance and temperature too far there is a  potential risk of explosion or malfunctioning of the device.

Longer coil, wick and battery life

Since the temperature of the device can be regulated, there is less of a chance of damage to the wick, coil or battery. Overcooking the juice and heating can be prevented and the battery life enjoys better treatment too.

Cons of vaping

1. Expensive

They are more expensive than the regular vaping devices. Although, it must be known that a there is not much change in coils, wicks or batteries, hence the cost is somewhat compensated.

2. Less clouds

You don’t receive those big clouds like in regular vaping. In fact, due to this kind of vaping set up, lesser clouds are formed.

3. Difficult to build coils

If you are building your own coils, it might be difficult to wrap the nickel wire and obtain the resistance suitable for temperature control vaping. This may be due to the fact that nickel is more delicate than kanthal. For wrapping up the wire, precision and precaution is necessary. It is as challenging, as nickel is soft and delicate.


Temperature control vaping provides additional safety with better experience. It may be a little more expensive than regular ones but it is simpler than you will be expecting. Enjoy a better vaping experience with a cooler device, not to mention along the feeling of safety that comes with it.

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