CBD Oil for Pain Management

What YOU should know when it comes to using CBD Oil for Pain management

Does CBD oil work for pain? It’s an honest question. And with so many new pain-management treatment options available today, you definitely want to know which ones work. CBD oil for pain management is safe, effective, and easy to use. Also, it has no side effects and doesn’t alter the brain state or function.

Pain Management

How CBD oil works

The body has thousands of receptors and receptor proteins that send signals to the brain. CBD oil interacts with the brain and immune-system receptors and receptor proteins that cause and regulate pain. CBD oil decreases pain signals to the brain and improves inflammation and associated symptoms, like swelling. CBD oil also decreases pain severity and frequency.

CBD for pain is applied topically. Only a tiny amount of oil is needed. Oil is applied to painful areas, like the neck, back, shoulders, hands, and knees. Pain relief occurs quickly and there’s no associated “high” or altered brain state. No restrictions such as taking time off from work or stopping physical activity/exercise are needed. This is because CBD oil does not contain THC.

CBD oil benefits

CBD oil is a great option for patients who don’t get results from pain management or want to try alternative treatment options before going to pain management. CBC oil benefits include:

  1. It’s non-narcotic. CBD oil does not change brain state or function and is not addictive. It’s a safe alternative to opioids and other narcotic pain medications.
  2. Treats different types of pain. CBD oil treats arthritis, nerve, acute, and chronic pain. It’s great for muscle soreness and stiffness after exercise or prolonged sitting in front of a computer or desk.
  3. Available in topical form. CBD oil is applied to the skin. Side effects such as stomach pain and heartburn associated with oral medications aren’t experienced.
  4. Other benefits. CBD oil improves anxiety, depression, and sleep. CBD oil may also help with smoking cessation. These benefits are good for pain and overall health.

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular as people realize it’s amazing benefits. Pain decreases quickly and easily.

What CBD oil is used for

CBD oil is used for some of the most common types of pain. CBD oil for pain management treats:

  1. Arthritis pain. Arthritis is caused by wear and tear of joint cartilage and bone, which then causes inflammation and pain that becomes worse when left untreated.
  2. Nerve pain. Irritated and inflamed nerves send pain signals to the brain. Nerve pain can be experienced in the spine (back and neck) and upper and lower extremities.
  3. Acute pain. Short duration pain. Acute pain is uncomfortable and unpleasant.
  4. Chronic pain. Pain that lasts three to six months or more. Chronic pain may be caused by medical conditions or have an unknown cause.

CBD for back pain is especially effective. For people who spend lots of time in front of a computer or desk constantly hunched over, back and neck muscle soreness is inevitable. CBD oil can be rubbed on the muscles to get rid of the pain. Sitting up straight, taking breaks, and stretching and strengthening back muscles can be combined with CBD oil for an effective combined treatment option.

Purchasing CBD oil for pain management

The key to using CBD oil for pain management is purchasing a high-quality product that relieves pain and causes no side effects. Black Label Hemp offers high-quality CBD oil in topical forms. We also offer CBD oil that can be vaped. Visit our product page for a complete list of all your options. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time to speak to one of our CBD oil experts.

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