CBD THC Ratio : CBD is the component that has been in the limelight for providing health benefits to its users. It is spreading fast among people because of it’s amazing therapeutic properties. When we talk about CBD,  the mention of THC is an obvious question. It is because these two are the main components of the same plant, Cannabis. Both of them are found to have valuable and distinct medicinal properties. The two very differently react in the body. They are taken together or taken separately. These two components are almost always found together in most CBD products yet there is a certain ratio that these two components are found in. Here we will be discussing this CBD THC ratio.

We must understand that each cannabinoid contains distinct medical and therapeutic properties. THC (tertahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), both react differently on receptors in the brain. When THC binds with CB1 receptors, CBD binds with CB2 receptors and blocks CB1 receptors bound with THC. Hence we can say that CBD can decrease the effect of THC.

A short description of THC

THC or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the major component of the cannabis plant. It is responsible for mind altering effects on the mind and body and thus causes a high. It clearly means a product containing high levels of THC and less of CBD, will leave it’s users with a high feeling.

THC is found to be acting as:

• Anti-emetic

• Anti-inflammatory

• Analgesic

A short description of CBD

Like THC, CBD or cannabidiol is also a major component in the Cannabis plant, having various therapeutic properties. Although being a non-psychoactive compound, CBD doesn’t cause a high to its users. Hence, it is preferred to have those CBD products in which the ratio of CBD is much higher than the THC ratio, as it makes the product safe by enhancing only the medical properties.

CBD is found to be acting as:

• Anti-anxiety

• Anti-seizure

• Anti-psychotic

How CBD and THC are intertwined?

How CBD and THC are intertwined

These two amazing cannabinoids have the powerful properties to help fight cancer cells. Beside having cancer fighting properties it can also reduce chronic pain and stress. It very well balances the psychoactive effects caused by THC and can also reduce the heartbeat followed by anxiety that can be caused due to high consumption of THC. Hence, we see and can say that CBD and THC work in tandem producing the desired effects.

It must be noted that by blocking CB1 receptors, CBD can decrease certain THC effects like:

• Paranoia

• Anxiety

• Rapid heartbeat

• THC ‘s high

We must note that the major difference between these two components is how they bind with cannabinoid receptors in brain. As we said, THC binds with CB1, and CBD binds to CB2 receptors, hence they both have different effects on our brain.

Let’s study the variable ratios of the CBD:THC 

These ratios play important roles in how the particular products behave within us, hence it becomes necessary to understand these ratios. A few of them are listed below


1. CBD:THC / 0:1 Ratio

Such strains are overwhelming, where you find only THC and no CBD at all. Such strains are bound to give a huge high after consumption. This is not preferred by those seeking medical benefits. High THC strains causes :

• Euphoria

• Uplifted mood

• Happy feel

• Dizziness

• Uncontrolled laughter

2. CBD:THC ( 1:0)

Such strains will cause you no high, but will surely uplift your mood by keeping your senses intact. They will provide great help in treating epilepsy, mood disorders and psychosis.

3. CBD:THC (1:2)

In this strain, you will feel relaxed with some sort of high, as THC is little more than CBD but there nothing to worry about. You won’t be experiencing anxiety or paranoia.

4. CBD:THC ( 1:1)

As we see, both of these compounds are in equal measure, it offers a host of medical benefits and slight psychoactive effects. They help in medicinal conditions like:

• Cancer cells

• Insomnia

• Autism

• Fibromyalgia

• Neuropathy

• Multiple sclerosis

5. CBD:THC (2:1)

As we see in this product the ratio of CBD is double to THC, here CBD cancels the effects of THC. Higher CBD ratio products are suitable for sensitive patients who do not want to experience any high. In such strains, the level of CBD is so high that the effects of THC go virtually unnoticed. They are safe for children as they only provide therapeutic effects.

6. CBD:THC (greater than 10:1)

They are best suited for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, seizures, pediatric disorders and spasms.

7. CBD:THC (greater than 1:10)

As we can see, such strains are THC dominant, so they are best suited for recreational purposes. Having said that, people suffering from migraines, nausea, pain relief, insomnia and stress management can get benefits from this strain.

What is the criteria of CBD THC Ratio?

What is the criteria of CBD THC Ratio

Strain genetics are mostly responsible for CBD to THC ratio. The genetic code of the plant determines how these two components shape up. Like many other plants, marijuana also keeps a copy of each gene. Since all the plants have two copies of each gene, they are broadly categorized as below:

1. A plant has two copies of an E1-encoding gene

2. A plant has one copy of each E1 and E2 encoding gene

3. A plant has two copies of E2 encoding gene;

E1 and E2 are the enzymes that convert CBGA into THCA or CBDA and encode them by a couple of distinct forms of same gene.

It clearly indicates that we get three categories of CBD to THC ratio. They are as follows:

1. CBD dominant Strains

• These strains contain two E1 gene copy.

• They produce CBDA and CBGA

• It creates more CBD levels and less of THC.

• Example – Charlotte’s web

2. Balanced Strains

• These strains have a copy of each E1 and E2 gene

• They produce THCA and CBDA at similar levels

• Example- Catatonic and Harlequin

3. THC dominant Strains

THC dominant Strains

• They contain two E2 Genes

• They produce THCA and CBGA

• They have more of THC level than CBD levels

• Examples- Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies

What we mean by CBD: THC ratio?

Nowadays, the ratio of CBD to THC is more important than marijuana dosage in the forms of percentage or milligrams. This is because these strains are mostly used for medicinal purposes. Each ratio assists differently towards the medical conditions as needed. We cannot say what is the perfect ratio for CBD:THC, as it solely depends on how it will affect your system. There are people who prefer 2:1 THC:CBD ratio and there are others who prefer 0:5 ratio. There are other who besides CBD:THC ratio, would also prefer to add terpenes and flavonoids. Mostly, people prefer 1:1 CBD:THC ratio strains as they are considered to be ideal. These ratios decide how it’s going to react to the strain and will respond to your body.

THC and CBD levels

As we have studied three categories of CBD:THC ratio, hemp strains contain low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. Since CBD products are gaining popularity, hemp strains are preferred. The low THC content strains contain from eight to ten percent dry weight marks. The stronger strains can be slightly over 30 percent or even higher. However, in balanced strains we see 6 to 12 percent of CBD:THC levels.

Why CBD THC ratio is important?

Why CBD THC ratio is important

It matters when it is used for medical purposes, wherein people only prefer to get the health benefits out of CBD products and prefer not to experience those intoxicating effects further. Most people prefer slight CBD dominant strains for medicinal uses, as they provide only benefits from various medical ailments.  

What CBD THC ratio are best to treat what diseases?

What CBD THC ratio are best to treat what diseases

We all possess an endocannabinoid system and it is unique in every individual, hence the ratio can vary depending upon the person. Although CBD:THC 1:1 ratio is most preferred, although it’s up to consumers to decide their strains, this strain is good to start with. You get these CBD products in various forms as follows:

• Infused sublingual sprays

• Edibles

• Concentrated oil extract

• Capsules

• Other products

The different ratios respond differently, but we must know that THC at higher doses, if not lethal, amplifies your mood and anxiety disorders. CBD has no major side effects. Always start with small amounts to avoid any uncomfortable feeling.


CBD THC ratio is an important factor in deciding which strain to choose and it entirely depends upon the condition you are dealing with. People prefer a high CBD dose, firstly because it provides various health benefits. Secondly, because it is now legal in some states clearly means that such strains would be easily available in the market. Before buying your product, always check those CBD and THC content in the product and do not hurry. Start off with a low dose to avoid complications of any sort. Do stick with the same ratio for a few days until the body gets used to it and some good signs start to appear. Do not overuse and keep an eye on possible side effects of the dose. We hope we have provided you all the necessary information regarding CBD THC ratio.

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