CBD Oil For Pets Anxiety And Pain

CBD Oil For Pets

When we hear the word ‘pet’, the first thing that runs or mind is a picture of a cute puppy or a fluffy kitten.  Pets are mostly like our companions who give us tons of emotional, mental and physical support. They unknowingly keep us healthy and happy providing us with unconditional support and love. Most keep them as an act of compassion or to fight the loneliness that they might be facing during tough times, pets are entertainers too as they keep us engaged with them. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets among others. With time, pets no more remain as ‘pets’, but they end up being an important family member providing companionship and pleasure for lifetime. It’s a symbiotic relationship that exists between the pet and the pet parent and it is based on affection and love.


Dogs and their anxiety issues

Like humans, pets also go through period of stress and emotional turmoil leading to the anxiety. Due to this, they might suffer from pain also or otherwise as well, although unlike us it becomes difficult for them to convey this message to the owner. Hence, there would be various change in them, which might get noticed or might go unnoticed too. The mostly faced  issue is, anxiety in specially dogs, as they are considered to be more on emotional side. Although, the pet can also be facing pain due some reasons. It is generally advised that if your pet who usually sports good health mentally and physically, is undergoing certain changes in his behavior patterns, it is necessary to seek the help of a veterinary doctor, so that the problem and the cause related to it would be correctly diagnosed. It is observed that dogs follow a certain routine and day to day activity and they strongly dislike if there is any change in either of them.  For instance, change of place, some unfamiliar person or thing, addition of a new member, all this can be stressful to them causing anxiety, as they are used to love and care and when a change happens, for them it is distraction for the pet parent towards them which they would not like.


Stress Symptoms In Dog

There can be various signs to indicate that your lovely pet is going through stress and feeling anxiety.  The foremost thing is showing indifferent attitude towards their favorite food as they mostly are food lovers, although it should also be kept in mind that this can be a digestive problem as well. Also if the are usually quiet, unwilling to play, appearing restless or constantly pacing, can also be the symptoms of anxiety.  Dogs also get affected by any traumatic event they face in the family. Either they would become too shy for any interactions or they would be exhibiting destructive behavior. A stressed dog will indicate physical symptoms like, hair loss, chewing on legs and paws, lack of response and a blank expression on face. Other symptoms can be excessive blinking, moving away from the cause, excessive barking or low pitched barking.


Reason for anxiety

Like humans, dogs too face anxiety issues many times, earlier it used to go unnoticed, now people have become much aware and a pet parent they have become more responsible towards their pets.  Proper love, care and attention is what a pet demands for, and if any of these are lacking, dogs can sense it easily but aren’t able to express and thus causes the anxiety in them. They like to stick to a particular environment and any changes in them, can cause stress issues. Lack of sleep or death of a close one or adopting a new pet, doesn’t go well with them at times. Dogs are usually disciplined and happy souls, and they dislike loud noises or physical violence. Seperation from the pet parent is the major issue that triggers anxiety in them as they are affectionate and homely. Separation anxiety can be of two kinds, one is Simulated Separation Anxiety which is manifested when a dog lacks leadership or self-control, but it can easily overcome, and the other one is, True Separation Anxiety, which is caused because of the absence of the owner. If it is having a adverse effect on the pet, a veterinary doctor should be consulted immediately.


Endocannabinoid System

Studies show that not only humans but even dogs too possess this system which consists of receptors in brain and all over the body. These receptors influence the immune system, neurogenesis, mood and well being, pain perception, emotional activity and sleep. This system work to regulate a wide array of bodily functions. Nervous system is made up of central and peripheral nervous system, both are the part of endocannabinoid system. The other systems include gastrointestinal tract and immune system. If the cannabinoid system is partially working, the pet will face discomfort.


CBD oil for pets

It is specially designed for pets providing them relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety and various skin disorders. It also showed positive effects on dogs suffering from arthiritis or other neurogenetic diseases. Research shows that CBD oil for pets is beneficial for promoting heart health, reduces nausea and improves appetite for dogs. Many pet parents have confirmed that the oil has calming effect on their hyper-energetic pets relaxing them as the oil intelligently interacts with pets’ endocannabinoid system.  It is also a perfect supplement for healthy skin. CBD oil is a natural substance found in hemp plant, containing various medicinal properties. It differs from marijuana, although both comes from same plant, but CBD doesn’t contain THC(tetrahydrocannabiniol). Also, it is non-psychoactive and does not give high, but it has soothing effect on body.


CBD oil is used for the pet suffering from seizures, nausea, stress, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, symptoms of cancer any gastrointestinal issue. They get the relief because of interaction of cannabinoids in marijuana with the endocannabinoid system. Since the system has a series of receptors running through the body, the cannabinoids interact with these receptors to modulate the problems like pain, anxiety and nausea.  It is said that unlike other traditional drugs, CBD oil has no life-threatening side effects if the dosage is properly given. There is no damage to kidney, liver or GI tract reported as such.


CBD products exhibit no such side effects that would put life of the pet in danger in any way. The effects shown are mild ones and usually are on temporary basis. As told earlier, CBD oil is derived from hemp plant which makes it completely non-toxic, vegan friendly and organic in nature. It is also considered to be a natural supplement as it comes from earth and not being manufacture using certain kind of harmful chemicals. Still there would be few side effects but that would not be a cause to worry. It’s intake can cause increase in saliva making the dog feel thirsty all the time, it also can cause light-headedness, drowsiness, and can lead to unexplained tiredness during daily activites.  Even though there are no serious side-effects but its’ a trial-and-error process which mostly helps the pets without harming them in anyway.


Things to be considered

Even though the oil has numerous benefits, but few things should always be kept in mind, like the dosage. Dosage of the pet may vary as it depends on the weight, size, age and breed of the pet. Higher dose make him lethargic throughout the day. If you decide to go for CBD oil, you must consult a veterinary doctor first. It should be organic, having no pesticides, fungicides or solvents and should be free from additives.  It should also be certified by the manufacturer claiming the right amount of CBD in the product. It is advisable that the product should contain no THC. CBD oil are always administered in drops and exact amount of dosage can vary. Dosage depends upon the size and condition of the pet and it should be carefully given. It is also recommended to buy it is liquid form. The cost of your product can be on higher side but always go for the best ones as they would be more beneficial containing little or no amount of THC and would be pure. Amount of dosage can be 2-3 drops daily given 2-4 times to the pet. But it is better to consult an expert or an experienced doctor for such query.  It should be a proper dose neither high nor low so that the pet would be benefitted rather than feeling uncomfortable as less dose would have no effect resulting in continuous suffering and high dose would be having unwanted side effects creating problem for both pet and pet parent. Lastly, we suggest that always read the instructions provide with CBD oil regarding dosage and other precautions.

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