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CBD for Cats

As a pet parent we love to watch our kittens happy and healthy, doing lots of fun things. It’s never a good sight to watch your pet in any kind of uncomfortable situation.  Among cats you may find anxiety issues as a common problem. Cases where a pet is dealing with anxiety issues has become common these days.

Besides anxiety, the discomfort can also be caused by any type of pain and inflammation. Some of a cat’s  behavior may be different from the way it generally behaves. She is either restless or not interested in her favorite food or responding in annoying ways, which are unusual for her. This could be due to various reasons you may not be aware of, or perhaps not able to understand.  

Like humans, cats also experience problems like anxiety and depression or mood swings at times.  Sometimes they also suffer from swelling and pain. Skin allergy can also make your pet uncomfortable.   Our pets cannot, like us, express all these problems but being a pet parent, we need to notice and understand the problems and take necessary steps to find the solution.

You must have heard of CBD. CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is becoming vastly popular among people. It contains plenty of magical features that can help prevent certain diseases. Anxiety,  depression, chronic pain, mood disorders, and insomnia are among those many diseases that can be helped with CBD. It provides relief to anxious and restless minds. It also works on depression and any other kind of mental illness.


CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the hemp plant. The other major component derived from the hemp plant is called Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), but it is not good for everyone. CBD on the other hand is a non- psychoactive substance, which means that it won’t make the customer ‘high’. CBD is safe and contains many therapeutic properties, hence people are moving towards it. CBD benefits not only humans, but also pets. They manage chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and agitation in pets.

How CBD works for cats?

Just as humans possess an endocannabinoid system, likewise, cats too have this system. This is also called as ECS. The ECS is responsible for regulating certain functions like plain, mood, sleep, appetite  and immunity in the body. Cannabinoid receptors are found all throughout the body. The active ingredient of CBD binds or influences these receptors and hence regulates body functions. CBD fundamentally supplements this system.

CBD helps to ease your cat’s following symptoms:

• Poor appetite

• Constant hiding

• Infection

• Inflammation

• Anxiety and aggression

• Lack of energy and stress.

• Crying with no apparent reason


As we know, CBD is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. It has been useful treating at least their problems in positive ways.  Although the effectiveness of CBD has not been proved by many scientists, however, various researchers are doing research on CBD.

CBD oil has been found to give good quality of life to cats and providing them with great relief from their ailments. It must be kept in mind that each cat would respond to CBD in their own ways, which indicates that the same medication can have different effects on different cats.

Studies say that CBD is generally safe for cats and will rarely give any negative side effects. But the most important thing to be taken into consideration would be the dose of CBD to be administered to the cat.  Always be aware of the proper dosage and also regarding the dose, read the instructions carefully. CBD is completely safe for your cat and can provide your cat with multiple benefits.

Effects and Benefits of CBD Oil

Effects and benifits of cbd for cats

As we know, cats like humans possess the endocannabinoid system, hence the benefits shared by them too are the same to some extent. CBD oil helps your kitten in many ways. It not only improves the mental health but is also beneficial to physical well-being.

Reduces swelling and aches in cats

Pain and swelling are regulated by the Vanilloid receptors in a cat’s brain. CBD targets those receptors and block them before they get activated. Hence the pain gradually decreases and gives relief to the cat.

Anxiety and depression

Cats are susceptible to anxiety and depression.  As we know that endicannabidiol system regulates everything that is related to the mood. CBD stimulates adenosine and serotonin compounds in the brain and consequently provides a long lasting, happy feeling to your cat. CBD also has the ability to reduce any fear that the cat may be facing.

Seizures and Epilepsy in cats

CBD counteracts seizures by reducing the number of electrical disruptions going throughout the body. When it is used, it leaves a suppressed effect. It may not cure the disease completely but it would definitely cut it down a considerable amount. CBD is non- toxic, safe and mostly effective.

Skin and Coat conditions in the cat

CBD oil can improve skin and coat conditions of your cat. Apply the oil directly to the cat’s coat and skin. The coat will definitely improve in time with the use of CBD. It will appear shinier, softer and thicker.  CBD also can help in alleviating any kind of allergies or skin diseases the pet is suffering from.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CBD is useful in managing inflammation and in reducing all other symptoms related to it like swelling and any discomfort due to inflammation. If the cat is suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, CBD can help in providing much relief.

Overall Well Being

CBD improves mood, skin, fur and energy level of your cats. It also prevents serious diseases and keeps longterm disorders at bay, thus providing your cat with overall well being.

Side effects of CBD for cats

CBD generally do not have any major side effects on cats that would make you rethink using this product. Instead there are minor side effects and it should not cause much worry to the buyer. Each cat responds in their particular way to the medicine.  Same medication will have different effects on two cats. If the dose isn’t proper, the cat will have feelings of sedation.  

In the case your cat appears less energetic, reduce the dose and it will result in alleviating the symptoms of lethargy in your cat. A few rare side effects can be nausea, vomiting or change in appetite, but these would be mild side effects, not harming the cat in any way. Never give your cat CBD which has been extracted from Marijuana plant as it will be harmful to your pet. The CBD oil used for cats should always be derived from hemp plant.

Dosage of CBD for cats

Dosage of cbd for cats

Always start with a small dose. The best way to give a CBD dose to your pet is through its food. It is always better to take the opinion of an experienced veterinarian before you start the dose for your pet.  The dose depends upon the weight of the pet. The basic rule is 1mg to 5mg for every 10lbs that your cat weighs. CBD oil doses to treat chronic conditions:

Arthritis: 0.5mg/kg twice a day

Pancreatitis: start with 0.1mg/kg twice a day and gradually increase upto 0.5mg/kg twice a day

Asthma: 0.5mg/kg twice a day

Seizures: 0.5mg/kg twice a day and gradually increase

Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections: 5mg/kg twice a day

Things to consider while buying CBD for cats

Before buying a product, make sure you are buying an original product. You can follow the dosing guidelines for the same.

Farming practices

Watch out if the plant has been grown with any pesticides as it would be hazardous to health.

Extraction method

Be aware of methods of extraction that have been using chemicals, as these are present in residue too.


The amount of CBD should be at a particular level. Neither less nor more. Some products contain too little amount.

Guaranteed analysis

The product should be lab tested.

How to give CBD to the cat?

How to give CBD to cats

Sometimes it becomes a point of concern as how to give CBD to your cat. The cat’s behavior at times completely ignoring their owners instructions. The discomfort they are experiencing may force them to behave this way.  At this point of time, administering CBD can be a difficult task. The CBD can be given in two ways:

• Add to the food

• Add to the drink

• Squeeze directly to pets mouth

Simple tips to administer the medicine

• Before feeding the cat, add a few drops of CBD to cat’s empty bowl for quick effect.

• Dabble some oil on the paws of the cat, the surely would like to get rid if it by cleaning its feet; the cat will lick it, the medicine would enter her body.

• Hold CBS oil dropper allowing the cat to lick it completely, and hence the medicine is taken.

Best CBD for Cats

Innovet CBD oil for cats

1. THC free hemp CBD

2. Virgin hemp seed oil formula

3. Most trusted

Honest Paws Purrity CBD oil for cats

1. THC free

2. Natural products

3. Lab tested

4. Specifically for cats weighing under 25 pounds

Holistalet CBD oil for cats and dogs

1. Pet tinctures contain no THC

2. Non GMO, organic, vegan

3. Promotes good health

Hemp Rx for pets

1. Formulated using medical CBD

2. Herbicide or pesticide free

3. Can be used for cats as well as dogs

Fur Goodness Sake Hemp Oil Dog and Cat Supplement

1. Contains goodness of omega-3, omega-6, omega- 9 fatty acids

2. Benefits of CBD

3. Made of organic hemp seed oil


CBD oil is good for cats as it provides them with lots of benefits and goodness.  The point to consider is the level of dose that is being given to the cat. Always be aware of the dose and make sure you purchase an authentic CBD product.

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