Why Black Label Hemp

Before you make the decision to partner with us, it is important to understand why we are in this business. After more than a decade of managing my spouse’s chronic illness, we happened upon hemp CBD kind of by accident.
Until then we had put our faith in Western medicine and our doctors. They had done a good job managing our illness but there were times when nothing would help. Watching a loved one live in a state of constant pain is what brought us to where we are. We spent 12 hours in the hospital to be told that there was nothing they could do except prescribe aspirin & steroids. My wife and I looked at each other and knew that we had to create a solution on our own.
We had been open-minded to alternative treatments such as THC focused cannabis in the past. My spouse didn’t like feeling high all the time. After doing some research, we discovered that Hemp based CBD had the qualities that we were looking for without the high. We ordered our first bottle and within two weeks of taking the product, our lives had changed forever. To say that my loved one had experienced significant relief would be an understatement. She was able to reduce half of her medications and completely cut one of them. After posting our frustrations on social media. Trying to understand why the doctors never recommended CBD oil we found our friends had been using CBD oil as well.
After seeing the dramatic changes that Hemp CBD was having for our friends & family the decision to start our own Hemp CBD line was an easy one. What we found next was very disturbing. We found that most of the distributors that were selling hemp oil were very unprofessional at best and complete con artists in some cases. We found that labeling errors and quality inconsistencies were commonplace in this industry. How could something that was so beneficial to so many people be full of people trying to take advantage of them?