Shasta Sage Smudge


4.5 inches

Shasta Sage carries with it many of the spiritual and healing properties of Mount Shasta since it grows wild in its soil. Shasta Sage’s scent is softer and sweeter than White Sage which can be a pleasant experience for those who might have a dislike to the scent of White Sage. You will gain the same benefits as White Sage with some additional Magic from the Mount Shasta region.

Light the sage wand and smoke all around your body to cleanse and purify yourself. This is done before ritual or spell casting. To clear the home, light the sage wand and begin in the eastern corner of your house, moving counterclockwise to each corner of the home. Since you are banishing negative energies, you always want to smudge in a counterclockwise direction. To bring good positive energy into your space, move in a clockwise direction.

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