Meditation Incense Sticks


Meditation Incense Sticks

8 Sticks for $1

A not too heavy incense but an incense to meditate very pleasantly with. Let yourself be carried away by the scent of flowers, cedar and blossoms.

Calming the mind
Encouraging discipline
Aiding in focus
Soothing anxiety

Description of Hem Meditation Incense:

Do you want to meditate but can’t seem to calm your monkey mind? In that case, Hem Meditation Incense can help you. Considering this incense calms the mind causing your anxiety to melt away so you can focus it’s easy to see how helpful it really is.


Begin by closing your eyes. Then picture the tendrils of smoke peacefully entering your third eye and gently begin to pacify your mind. Focus on your breath. Start breathing in peace and stillness, followed by exhaling anxiety and stress. Continue this visualization for a minimum of seven breaths.


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