Kratom Bath and Body Soap Bar – Organic


Kratom Bath and Body Soap Bar – Organic

DO NOT EAT! This is to be used on your body. External use only.

Kratom is an herb that people around the world have been using for thousands of years. Often crushed into a powder, it is made from the leaves of a specific tree native to Southeast Asia and is typically made into a tea (that we also sell).

Internal vs. External

The effects of Kratom are very different if you apply them externally as opposed to taking them internally. The alkaloids that are being researched need to be digested by the body to interact with your nervous system.

The receptors that the alkaloids may interact with are not present at the skin barrier level. There are some benefits, however, that Kratom powder products may have when applied externally. These benefits have more to do with the naturally hydrating, exfoliating, and antibacterial properties of the Kratom plant.

While Kratom powder is often consumed as a tea in the ways explained above, Kratom bath products take a slightly different approach. Rather, Kratom is often used in bath products for its exfoliating and moisturizing properties!

Additionally, Kratom is a natural antibacterial. This means that Kratom-based bath products could help with moisturization, exfoliation, and keeping infections at bay.

Relieves itchy skin
Moisturizes dry skin
Balances complexion
Deep cleansing
Powerful exfoliation

Everyday use is OK.

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