Evensong on The Great Egg | By Poet Erin Castaldi | Haiku


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Evensong on The Great Egg by Erin Castaldi (2019, Moonstone Press,)
29 pages, 5.25” by 8”, Saddle stitched.

ISBN: 978-1- 946150-34-9

Erin Castaldi is The Poet Laureate for her state and is extremely talented in Haiku.
She recently came back from a Poet conference in Europe where she’s made her work public. She’s gaining much deserved respect in her craft from all top Poets all across the world.

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Read Erin’s take on nature and her life written in Haiku!

Reviewed by Roger Watson:

“Erin Castaldi lives in New Jersey and in this volume reflects on what she sees and hears on her walks by the Great Egg Harbor River. The book contains 51 poems, the majority of which have been already been published in a range of international journals and websites. Most of the poems are three-line haiku with some other variations. These include two longer sequences, one of which describes the tidal nature of the river and contains the following observation about high tide:

life stirs to higher ground
shades of life
cling to dry boughs

Many of the poems in this collection have a synesthetic effect, where the images are also associated with sounds and, especially, smells such as damp earth, fresh rainfall and brackish water. This is Erin Castaldi’s first collection of haiku; I hope it will not be her last.”

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