Dragonsblood Incence Sticks


This product is meant to be used for the stated purpose of fragrant incense sticks/cones and dhoop sticks only.

This product should not be used differently to the usage instructions on the packaging.

Storage: Incense sticks/cones are always to be stored in cool, dark, dry, non-inflammable areas

Usage Care: Never light incense or dhoop sticks/cones around or with inflammable objects like wires, wood; use these only with proper incense or dhoop stands

Allergy testing: For persons prone to allergies, it is always recommended to test for allergy by first using the incense or dhoop stick for about 5 minutes. Always opt for incense or dhoop fragrances one is not allergic to. There are many choices and types of dhoop fragrances available.

The information provided here can never be a substitute for proper medical aid that may be required.

Ingredients: Resin produced by several tropical trees, chiefly Dracaena draco and Dracaena cinnabari as well as palms of the genus Daemonorops

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