African Dreaming | Silene Capensis | Undlela Ziimhlophe


African Dream Root – African Dreaming | Silene Capensis | Undlela Ziimhlophe 50g

Disclaimer: Please research this herb before using. It can cause side effects.

Oneirogenic (onei·ro·gen·ic) (o”ni-ro-jen´ik) capable of causing dreams.

The use of the oneirogenic plant among the Xhosa of South Africa plays an important role in the initiation of Xhosa diviners (amagqirha) which is enshrined in myth.
The root, which is called `undlela ziimhlophe in Xhosa and means literally “white ways or paths’, is categorised as one of the plants known as ubulawu, which produce a frothy white foam when mixed with water and have a ritual provenance in traditional religion. Xhosa novice diviners ingest the root to induce dreams which, having personal and prophetic significance for the dreamer, are closely linked to the liminal colour white, the ancestral spirits and the practice of divination.

Easy preparation methods :

Chew and eat 50mg or more of root before bedtime. This can be done daily. (One bio-assayist reported that the effects become especially enhanced after doing this for 2weeks.)

Success has also been experienced by making tea with the roots.
(And if you eat meat then it’s best to stop eating meat for a few days prior to working with any of the Ubulawu herbs).

Effects :

One’s dreams will be exceptionally colorful, and will be remembered upon awakening.
(Ubulawu is traditionally used to have educational and prophetic dreams, and to communicate with one’s ancestors through dreams.)

Traditional preparation :

It is the root that is used to prepare the sacred medicine called ubulawu.
A small piece of the root is placed into a container of water and then stirred rapidly with a stick. This causes the water to foam or froth up – caused by saponins in the plant matter.
(Saponins are a highly bioactive group of molecules. Anti-inflammatory, calming, antibiotic and immuno-regulating effects have been ascribed to saponins.)
Because of this foaming action, these medicines are also sometimes referred to as `bubbling medicine’.
`Undlela ziimhlophe’ makes strong and stable bubbles, hence it is considered by some sangomas (traditional healers) to be one of the best ubulawu plants.

The traditional ritual lasts for three days and a description of the process follows :
The root is mashed into a powder before being stirred into a container of water. Foam will form, and the foam is then eaten. Each time you require more you stir some more;
this should be done while kneeling. The ritual lasts for three days and the bubbles must not totally disappear during this time, hence there is a regular stirring, even right through the night.
Limiting the intake of protein during this time will enhance the process. On the third day the initiate pours the remains of the liquid over their naked body to cleanse their body; the initiate is now both internally and externally clean and their senses are clean. Now what is going to be done, and who is going to be met?
What will be offered to them, and what will be done with what is received?
Will they be thanked?

After the ritual and the answers to one’s questions have been found, protein can then be eaten which will stabilize the blood and have a grounding effect.

Ingredients: Sinene Capensis Flower

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